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The Ocean Necklace (CA)

The Ocean Necklace (CA)


Three tiers of dangling ocean treasure.


A piece of the faintest blue hued sea glass, a purple snail shell, and a blueish purple tinted pearl. Fully fabricated in sterling, series of double sterling soldered jump rings to help the pieces lie flat on your chest. The movement of the pieces to remind us to just keep moving. The whole piece given a patina to give it an antiqued, high contrast look, my maker's mark on the reverse of the glass setting.


The cascading pendant hung on a 16” sterling silver wheat chain.




Please check all dimensions to ensure each piece of jewelry will fit you before purchasing. I do not accept returns, so please go through and read all jewelry descriptions, look at the photographs, and make sure that everything is the correct size. Feel free to ask any questions you may have ahead of purchase, I will be happy to help.  I hope you find your perfect piece <3

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  • Sizing details

    The necklace measures roughly 2 1/2" long, from the top soldered jump rings, to the bottom of the pearl stone.

    The pendant measures around 1/2" across at it's widest point.

    The sterling silver wheat chain has a 2mm diameter, and  is 16" long.

  • + The Slow Ride Home Collection +

    My way of processing grief has always been: nature + metal. So, after the passing of my truest companion, Monster Truck, I took the road home,  slow. Savoring every new and old road and trail. Letting myself feel small, and connected, and changed, and inspired. I came home and immediately got to work processing that energy, and all of the elements of nature that moved me on the journey,  into something tangible and beautiful to share with all of you. Turning nature into metal is the ultimate medicine, and it lets me turn my grief into a shining piece of treasure for others to hold, and that is truly *powerful*.  I am thrilled to release this offering to you here, now. 

    The collection pays homage to the roads I traversed, from CA•NV•AZ•NM•TX - with stones, natural materials, and textures, found and collected in the piece's accompanying state. ✨

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