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The Migration Bolo

The Migration Bolo



The silver section of Eastern Winds, inspired by the fauna of the Savannah. You can't have an ode to Eastern Africa without showcasing the wildlife that makes the lands feel so full and rich. Excited to share with you these creatures less celebrated, but endlessly deserving! 🐅🌞✨


The "migration" pieces.  These pieces were not part of the initial sketches for Eastern Winds, they evolved to be part of the collection now that my skills have grown. I left Kenya + Tanzania with -one single tooth- from a Wildebeest, the animal who we went to see migrate back and forth across those treacherous waters! So thrilled to be able to turn that tooth into SOLID fine silver for these pieces.


For the bolo, I have set a central piece of Raw Tanzanian Sunstone in a serrated fine silver bezel. Showcasing a solid fine silver Wildebeest tooth on either side, as well as a trinity of curved stamped sterling silver rays (to mimic those from the sun), and sterling silver ball details, above and below.  The bolo fixture on the reverse stamped with pattern work that shows up repeatedly across the full collection. Attached to a black leather Bolo cord, with stamped sterling silver caps.


The bolo pendant measures  1 3/4" tall and 1 3/8" wide.

It is on 36" black leather bolo cording.

Sterling silver bolo tips measure 2".

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