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The Golden Scorpion Bolo

The Golden Scorpion Bolo


I love this bolo. So much. Every element of it. 


This piece focuses on a beautiful kite of golden amber, it just GLOWS in the light, with tiny little brown specks within it . A rich brown, with golden yellow and amber colored crystalized inclusions a sphere of fire agate rests above it, with very subtle layers of "fire" running through it. Raised stamped ray designs above and below the stones to signify the golden rays eminating outwards from the piece.  A scorpion on either side, as if in ritual to this fire worship. Some simple stamp details in each corner, hiding within the dark patina background to contrast all the sterling and stone's shine.


My makers mark raised on the reverse side, above a handmade bolo fixture, with a "setting and rising" sun ray on either side. The fixture holds tight the black leather bolo cordage, capped with two sterling silver, stamped, bolo tips. 


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  • Sizing details

    The bolo pendant measures just shy of 2" tall, and  1 3/8" wide.

    The black leather braided bolo cord is 36". 

    The sterling silver bolo tips are 2" long.

    It weighs 1.23 oz .


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