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Stamped Bullet Keychain

Stamped Bullet Keychain

This listing is for a custom, MADE TO ORDER, bullet keychain.

Each keychain is hand shot, hand stamped, hand made.

For each keychain, I will shoot the bullet (although at this point friends will occasionally supply me with their spent rounds as well!), hammer, drill, file, stamp, patina, and finally affix the key ring.

These keychains give your key ring a badass personality, make great gifts, and can be customized.

Please let me know what you would like yours to say at checkout.

Some past designs/current favorites::
* Easy Livin'
* Ride the Lightning
* On the Road Again
* We're Gonna Ride
* The Road Goes on Forever
* Boot Scootin' Boogie
* Live to Ride
* Highwayman
* Get Out of Here
* Hell Bound
* The Boys Are Back in Town
* Run to the Hills
* See You In Hell
* Mama Tried
and my personal one/favorite...
* Mama Tired

....but don't let that stop you. Let me know what you want, assuming it will fit, and I'll be happy to make it happen. Cheers!
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  • Details

    The keychains come standard on a brass 223 casing.

    They are 1 3/4" tall and just shy of 1.2" wide at the hammered part.
    The key ring is 1" diameter.


    Because this piece is made to order, please allow up to 6 weeks for delivery. I strive to get custom orders finished within the first two weeks, but if I need to order more metals, it may take as long as 6 weeks as it will be out of my control - I will let you know what I estimate, and if it is time sensitive feel free to ask ahead of time!
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